Greenwich Pocket Watch Collection

The Greenwich pocket Watch Collection are stylish pocket watches
made with modern life in mind. Each Greenwich pocket watch has
the elegance of a classic pocket watch with a unique style that
moves the pocket watch into the 21st century. Read more about
the different styles and discover your perfect pocket watch.

Greenwich Double Hunter

The Double Hunter is a popular style of pocket watch. It features a completely closed case which opens on the front and back to reveal the watch face and the skeleton movement visible through the back. When both sides of a double hunter are open the watch will free stand like a desk clock. A noticeable difference in the Greenwich Collection is the orientation of the watch face, the dial is rotated 90 degrees so that the winder is at the 12 O'clock position. This innovative change means when the watch is standing the time can still be read. Double Hunters are typically larger watches with flat cases suitable for having an image engraved.

Greenwich Double Half Hunter

The Double Half Hunter pocket watch holds all the same features of the Double Hunter, but with the added luxury of a viewing window. A window in the front case of the watch allows you to read the time quickly without opening the case using the numerals around the viewing window. Some Double Half Hunters also have a small window on the back case aligned with the watch spring. This is known as a heartbeat window because you can see the watch movement counting each second.

Greenwich Open Face

The Open Face pocket watch is one of the oldest styles of pocket watch, dating from the 1500's the Open Face pocket watch was created with ease of use in mind. The Greenwich  Pocket Watch Collection continue to honour the heritage of the Open Face pocket watch by blending the classic styles with contemporary fashion. Our Open Face pocket watches have classic white dials with skeleton movement and a plain back with a heartbeat window creating a true symphony of simplicity.

Greenwich Full Hunter

The Full Hunter pocket watch is a newer alternative to the open face.
The watch has a protective cover over the face of the watch to prevent
any damage to the face. The Greenwich range of full hunters features
unique watches from simple designs to more detailed aesthetics. The high
standard of craftsmanship of the Greenwich Collection is especially present
in our unique full hunter with an open back. The quality features in a
Greenwich pocket watch make them truly desirable timepieces.

Greenwich Sterling Silver

The Sterling Silver pocket watches are created with style and quality in mind.
These pocket watches are all made with hallmarked sterling silver, a precious
metal designed to last a lifetime and longer. Silver pocket watches make perfect
family heirlooms, especially when personalised with bespoke engraving.
Our silver collection features half hunter, double hunter and double half
hunter styles,
all with quality hand driven mechanical movements.
Our silver range is sure to exceed your expectations.

Pocket Watch Chains

Greenwich pocket watch chains come in three different styles.

Belt Slide: The top loop slides over the belt or top of the trousers. The pocket watch on the end of the chain is kept in the trouser pocket.

Bolt Ring: The bolt ring can be attached to a trouser belt loop or a waistcoat. The pocket watch rests in the pocket of the waistcoat or trousers.

Albert T-Bar: Can be worn with a waistcoat. The T-Bar slots in the button hole. A variation is the Double Albert T-Bar typically used with a pocket watch in one pocket and an item such as a cigar cutter in the other pocket.