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Cookies Policy
Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer to enable you to use our website correctly, we can't track who you are from them, they are there so that it allows you to view and purchase products from our website.
Without cookies you would not be able to purchase items in your basket, save your favourite items to your wishlist or log in to an account on our website.
You have more than likely used the types of cookie data files we are referring to without even being aware that you have done so.
What Cookies are used and why do we use them?
Cookie used
Reason for use
Website session
Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Session Cookie
The session cookie it the most commonly used cookie of all, it simply allows your browser to remember all the pages you have visited and allows functions such as purchasing though the shopping basket and logging in to your user account to work as effectively as possible, without this these features would not work correctly.
Google Analytics cookie
The Google Analytics cookie is used to let us monitor traffic that visits our website. We can't share or provide any information that would be identifiable, it simply allows us to see how easy our site is to view on search engines to monitor how successful our strategy has been for the marketing of our website. To view more information on this please view Google's Privacy Policy.
YouTube Cookie
We embed YouTube videos into the website as a more dynamic way for you to learn about our products and services. YouTube uses cookies for remembering your user preferences and to provide links to other videos that are relevant to you. We do not set and cannot access the information in YouTube cookies, for more information, please see YouTube's Privacy Policy.

WordPress Cookie
Our website also uses the popular WordPress blogging system, this system also requires the use of a cookie to store information about your page views and whether you're logged in. For more information, please see WordPress's Cookie Policy.
Agreeing to our Policy
If you agree with our cookie policy and the usage of the data, then you do not have to do anything further, simply continue using our website as you have been for full functionality of our site. If however you do disagree with our cookie policy and would like to disable the use of cookies on your computer, please follow instructions which are given here:
Please be aware that should you decide to not allow cookies on your computer, then our website will not function as it should do.