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Pocket watches come in many different shapes, sizes and styles and the moon dial pocket watch is one of the more unique styles available. This particular style has two main presentation types. The first option is a display (on the dial) that will alternate between the sun and the moon depending on the time of day. If you want something even more technical, the second option is actually what we would call a moon phase pocket watch, where the dial actually works according to the phases of the moon. The Lunar month, which is 29.5 days, is a complete cycle and this will all be relayed to you via the watches dial. As you can see from the product images, there are a number of different styles available such as the half hunter moon dial and the mechanical moon dial, as well as some top brand names like Rapport, Jean Pierre Of Switzerland, Mount Royal, Woodford and Bernex.

To learn more about our range of 24 hour moon dial pocket watches as well as many of the other styles stocked at Pocket such as full hunter and double hunter, please call us on 024 7650 1002 where a member of our sales team will help you with your questions and queries.