Pocket Watch Buyers Guide


Open Face Pocket Watch

If you’re looking for a classic watch style, an open face pocket watch is a perfect choice. An open face pocket watch has no lid to the front or back, meaning the face and hands of the watch are immediately visible when held. This not only makes an open face pocket watch a functional, practical option when it comes to timekeeping, but also lends itself to a sleek, sophisticated and unfussy design – perfect for the modern man.

Full Hunter Pocket Watch

The full hunter pocket watch is another iconic pocket watch style. This pocket watch features a singular protective outer case, which fully covers the watch face and requires opening to tell the time. The addition of an outer case offers additional protection to your watch, alongside more opportunity for design; many full hunter watches feature additional decorative elements such as casing embellishment or engraved initials.

Half Hunter Pocket Watch

If you’re looking to blend the protection of a full hunter pocket watch with the practical timekeeping abilities of an open face watch, look no further than the half hunter pocket watch. The half hunter pocket watch offers a protective case to the front, however, also features an open or glass covered viewing window, allowing the wearer to quickly tell the time without opening the case.

Half Double Hunter Pocket Watch

As a fusion of both the double hunter and half hunter styles, the half double hunter pocket watch offers casing that opens at both the front and back of the watch, alongside a viewing window in the front case allowing the wearer to quickly tell the time. Half double hunter pocket watches offer elegant, often intricate designs, making them the ideal piece for the watch connoisseur looking to make a luxurious impression.

Double Hunter Pocket Watch

A double hunter pocket watch boasts casing to both the front and back of the watch. This offers up protection for the watch face, while also allowing the wearer to open up the back of the pocket watch and view the fascinating mechanical movements inside. When the casing is opened on both sides the double hunter pocket watch can also be stood up on its own, making it a great decorative piece for an office desk or bureau.




Pocket Watch

A mechanical movement is the true traditional option when it comes to watches. Compared to more modern battery powered watches, a mechanical pocket watch features a number of intricate inside components which work together to power the movement of the timepiece. This means a mechanical pocket watch requires manual winding in order to maintain accuracy. Due to the inclusion of the detailed inner movements, mechanical pocket watches are ideally suited for skeleton or double hunter styles.

Swiss Mechanical
Pocket Watch

Swiss watches are known for their premium levels of design and craftsmanship. There are a number of standards a watch should meet to be considered ‘Swiss made’; most importantly, the technical development and encasing of the watch movement should take place in Switzerland. The heritage, luxury and distinction of a Swiss made watch are unparalleled, making a Swiss mechanical pocket watch the perfect choice for lovers of the finer things in life.

Pocket Watch

A quartz pocket watch is powered by an inner battery. This battery sends an electrical current through to a quartz crystal which then powers the movement, giving the quartz movement its name. A quartz pocket watch can be identified by its ticking motion and, unlike its mechanical counterparts, does not require winding in order to maintain accuracy. This makes a quartz powered pocket watch a fantastic choice for those wanting to use their pocket watch on a more regular basis.


Belt Bar

Belt bar chains are a quick and easy way of securing your pocket watch during use. They consist of a two-sided chain: one end features a top loop which can slide onto your belt or the top of your trousers, while the other end offers an attachment for your pocket watch. From here, the pocket watch is stored in the trouser pocket. Belt bar chains are simple and fuss-free; perfect for those looking to make an understated yet sophisticated impression.

Bolt Ring

Bolt ring chains offer a slightly more versatile option, with multiple ways you can style with your pocket watch. These pocket watch chains feature a bolt ring to one end, which can be attached to either your trousers belt loop or to your waistcoat. This gives you the option to store your pocket watch in either your jacket, waistcoat or trouser pockets, depending on the overall look you want to achieve.

Albert T Bar

Albert T Bar chains are named for the T shaped bar that sits at one end of the chain. This bar can be easily slotted through the buttonhole of any waistcoat or jacket, offering a quick and simple way to attach and store your pocket watch. With this style, the pocket watch chain hangs across the body, offering additional decorative detailing to your formal ensemble.


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