Setting Your Moon Phase Pocket Watch


The normal sequence for setting a moon phase watch is:

Moon Phase


Day and/or Date

The day of the full moon is needed for accurate setting of the moon phase indicator. Therefore, you may wish to temporarily skip steps # 1, 2 and 3 below, and proceed to setting the time and day/date only (steps 4 & 5), until the actual day of the full moon. Then, the moon phase indicator may be set more accurately.

  1. First, set the moon phase. Pull crown (at 3 o’clock) to the second detent (hand setting) position.
  2. Refer to calendar, newspaper, internet, etc., to obtain the phase of the moon. Please note that, for accuracy, the setting of the moon phase should be performed at the day of the Full Moon.
  3. Advance the hands forwards (clockwise). The moon phase indicator will advance slightly each time the hands move past midnight. Continue until the moon indicator is centered in the display, which symbolizes the Full Moon. The cycle until the next Full Moon will be approximately 29½ days.
  4. Next, with the crown fully out, set hands to the correct time. If you’re setting to PM time, you must advance the hands past 12 o’clock once more after the day/date change (Midnight).
  5. After the hands are set, push the crown in to the first detent to adjust the correct day/date by turning the crown in the clockwise/counterclockwise direction.
  6. Push the crown all the way back down into the normal operating position

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